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Location: Taizhou, China
Packing details: PP bag ,white box, outer carton; Blister , carton
Brands: OEM
Certificate: CE,SONCAP SGS,CCC
Terms of payment: Consultation
Minimum order quantity: 1000pcs
Delivery: By sea, by air , by courtier
Delivery time: 25 days
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Products Description

Product introduction:

1. The sandbag part is made of high-strength imitation leather PU, lined with high-resilience foam, the sandbag is full, moderately soft and hard, comfortable to hit, and will not be deformed after long-term use. The intermediate connector is made of aircraft shock-absorbing solid environmentally friendly rubber, and the base is made of new PE material, which is watertight and stable.

2. The bottom of the sandbag is connected with high-grade rubber and bottom suction cups, which are more firmly fixed, stronger and more durable, and will not be detached during strenuous exercise.

3. The base adopts multiple guarantees such as adding sand, water injection and suction cups, whether it is placed on a wooden floor or a tile floor or an uneven ground, it is suitable for a variety of terrains.

For people:

Professional sports boxers: great cushioning and more rhythm, 360° cushioning, strong resilience, dynamic, suitable for professional boxers. Sunshine Youth: Long-lasting cushioning toughness, resistance to beating without deformation, strong resilience, suitable for young people to strengthen their bodies, enhance their physique, and exercise their reaction power. Developing teenagers: Sanda taekwondo training equipment can enhance physical fitness and strengthen will. Strong sense of hitting rhythm, good sandbag protection, cultivate children's interest in sports from an early age, can exercise muscles and bones, enhance physical fitness, without hurting hands. Urban white-collar workers: Moderate exercise can release pressure, vent emotions, enhance physical fitness, and help office workers enhance indoor exercise.





Puzzle: fully exercise the adaptability of practitioners to achieve the effect of puzzle.

Coordination: Train the flexibility and coordination of the body and cardiorespiratory endurance, lengthen the muscles, make them coordinate, and make the body more flexible.

Body sculpting: Boxing is an extreme sport with a lot of intensity and activity. It is very suitable for boys and girls to shape and lose weight. The effect is remarkable, and it can quickly burn fat.

1. Enhance physical fitness for the elderly

2. Give men a strong body

3. Shape the body for women

4. Promote the development of children


product name:


Strike body specification (height*diameter):

105cm * 40cm 

Base size (height*diameter):

45cm *62cm


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