mma standing punching man bag with base unit

mma standing punching man bag with base unit

Taizhou Anting Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.

Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
Certificate:ISO9001 ISO14001
Model:Reference website existing model
Terms of payment and delivery:30% deposit in advance and 70% balance against copy B/L
Minimum order quantity:50 sets
Packing details:Negotiation (can be customized, different customers have different packaging requirements)
Delivery time:Shipped within 20 working days of receiving the deposit
Payment method:30% deposit in advance and 70% balance against copy B/L

Product Details

Product introduction:

1. The outer skin is made of high-quality PU, filled with anti-scratch sponge and cloth strips, filled with fullness, multi-layer protection, high-elastic resistance, no damage to the hands, more elastic, and immediately restored after hitting.
2. The bottom of the mma standing punching man bag with base unit is connected with high-grade rubber and bottom suction cup. The fixing is firmer, firmer and more durable, and will not break off during strenuous exercise.
3. The base adopts multiple guarantees of sand and water injection, and the chassis is large in volume. It is suitable for various terrains after water injection in Gaza.

For people:

Professional sports boxer: great cushioning, more rhythm, 360° cushioning, strong resilience, dynamic, suitable for professional boxers.
Sunshine vitality youth: long-lasting cushioning, resistance to deformation, strong resilience, suitable for young people to strengthen their body, strengthen body and exercise response.
Developing teenagers: Sanda Taekwondo training equipment can enhance physical fitness and firm will. Strong sense of hitting the rhythm, good protection of sandbags, cultivate children's sports interest from an early age, can exercise muscles and bones, enhance physical fitness, and not hurt your hands.
Urban white-collar workers: moderate exercise can release stress, vent their emotions, enhance physical fitness, and help office workers enhance indoor sports.


Puzzle: Fully exercise the adaptability of the practitioner to achieve the effect of the puzzle.
Coordination: Train the body's flexible coordination and cardio endurance, lengthen the muscles, coordinate them, and make the body more flexible.
Body sculpting: Boxing is an extreme sport with a large amount of strength and activity. It is suitable for men and women to shape and lose weight. It has a remarkable effect and can burn fat quickly.
1. Enhance physical fitness for the elderly
2. give men a strong body
3. Shape the body for the woman
4. to promote development of children

Product Code: QJ008
Strike body specifications(Height*Diameter): 100cm * 34cm
Base size(Height*Diameter): 57cm *51cm


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