What Are The Use Values ​​Of Floating Platform Boat Pontoon


What are the use-values ​​of Floating Platform Boat Pon […]

What are the use-values ​​of Floating Platform Boat Pontoon ?

1. Safe and stable: The non-slip design on the surface of the engineering buoy prevents people from the common dangers of general wooden facilities.

2. High load capacity: 350kg weight per square meter.

3. Service life: 15 years.

4. Multi-purpose: can be widely used in various fields.

5. Economical: low maintenance and repair costs.

6. Easy to install and dismantle: It can be installed and dismantled quickly and easily.

7. Strong resistance: anti-ultraviolet, anti-sea water, anti-freezing, chemical agents, oil stains, etc.


8. Mobility variability: It can be changed according to needs and combined into facilities of any size and structure. Plastic pontoons and other products, with high-quality raw materials, advanced technology, and strict quality and process inspections in each process, make the products resistant to high and low temperatures without deformation.

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