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What are the characteristics of the Floating Platform Boat Pontoon :


1. Safe: Engineering floating surface sliding form design, four buoy angle arc obtuse angle design, safe and stable.

2. High capacity: 360kg bearing weight per square meter.

3. Multi-purpose: can be widely used in various fields.

4. Economic benefits: lower maintenance costs. In addition to resistance and improper use of humanization, almost no maintenance costs, maintenance costs.

5. Simple disassembly: installation and disassembly are quick and easy; easy to assemble, fast, flexible, diverse in shape, and modular structure.

6. Motorized changes: Make changes according to requirements, combined with any scale and any facility structure; it can meet the needs of various landscapes and quickly change the platform modeling.

7. The appearance is bright in color and beautiful in appearance, adding color to the scenic area and strengthening publicity.

8. The cost is reasonable and economical. In the long run, it can save a lot of maintenance, maintenance, replacement, maintenance costs, and time.

9. Form a complete set of equipment, bollards, cable piles, waterproof pools, guardrails, landing side bridges, and pedals, the dock can accommodate ships of various sizes; another feature is the buoyancy of the floating platform, terminal, and water level, and automatic landing, passengers The safety and comfort of ships are increased.

10. Material: Imported high-toughness polyethylene resin, adding corresponding anti-static, antioxidant, anti-ultraviolet agent, etc.