Tips For Using Boxing Sandbag


The skills of Boxing Sandbag include fixed play, mobile […]

The skills of Boxing Sandbag include fixed play, mobile play, single click, and combined play:


1. Strike method:

①Fixed style of play: people can hold the sandbag, and the practitioner can strike accurately. This is the initial stage so that the learner can experience the essentials of punching and kicking. Stand at the position where you hit the sandbag with one step forward and strike, so as to realize the distance, the whole body force, the penetration force, the whip force, the shock force, and so on.

②Live sandbags: Live sandbags are harder to hit than fixed ones. The sandbags are shaking. You may hit or hit the air temporarily, but you won't be able to send a powerful punch. Therefore, you should experience the coordination of boxing and footwork: chasing, retreating, facing, continuous, and forward-hand strikes, etc. The variety of strikes is rich and changeable, and Fang Wu’s strikes are wonderful. Similarly, in a kick, it should be kicked in motion, and it does not have to be a heavy blow every time.


2. Click and combine to strike. Performing repeated single hits can firmly grasp the force of one punch and one kick, which should be paid attention to in the initial stage of sandbags. For combined blows, you can first hit a second-hand straight punch, and then gradually transition to multiple blows. There must be a change in priority during the blow. Especially the density of hand and foot combo, it is not suitable to form the hand is the hand and the foot is the foot. A series of blows, hands close and feet out, feet close and hands out, close and coherent, like moving clouds and flowing water in one go.


3. The essentials of hitting:
① Fighting consciousness: You must imagine that there is a fierce enemy standing in front of you, pushing you step by step, and you must go all out to prevent, counterattack, and hit hard! Hit him completely! Don't take it lightly, carelessly, and carelessly! Once you hit the air, change your response immediately. Always imagine the sandbag as a person, slam the sandbag, lead up and down, swing left and right, defend against counterattack, dodge, and counterattack, imaginatively hit the sandbag, you will feel this practice in actual combat. The benefits.

②Coordinate and relax. Relax, relax, and constantly emphasize every day. It makes you faster, more powerful, and more energetic. When you hit like a storm, relax immediately when you leave, adjust your breathing, and get tense at the moment of hitting, and you will be explosive. Tension is one-tenth in a hit, and relaxation is nine-tenths. Fight and defend a group for three minutes, immediately relax your shoulder joints and arms, kick and defend a group, and do some massage movements.

③The essentials of exerting strength. By watching the players hit the sandbags, you can see the level of the boxer. Brute force pushes can only hit the sandbag far away. The vibration exerts force and penetrates through the sandbag. The sandbag is only high-frequency ground shaking, not farther.


4. Hit arrangements. Do you want to hit sandbags every day? Not necessarily, you can play two or three times a week. The hitting intensity can be a group of three minutes. If it is for competition, it can be played 6×3 or 9×3 rounds to exercise sufficient physical endurance. Sandbags can be combined with airstrikes and rope skipping. In a day's practice, you can arrange the punching bag at the end and the speed practice at the beginning. Sandbags are an important means to improve and test your skills. Mastering the correct method will make you even more powerful.

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