The Role Of Modular Floating Pontoon Dock


Modular Floating Pontoon Dock is an important aquatic e […]

Modular Floating Pontoon Dock is an important aquatic equipment component, which changes diversified in the application process of water sports projects. In recent years, domestic water pontoons, water sports piers, water houses, yacht docks, and other water engineering projects have continued to be completed. Development and design, it is indispensable for water platform engineering.


It can expand the use area, and the floating pontoon has a strong load-bearing capacity on the water, making the water platform more convenient and simple, and at the same time, the area of ​​the water platform has been expanded. Therefore, floating platform facilities are inseparable from buoys, which can be used in various water piers, yacht piers, and floating bridges. In addition, for houses closer to the shore, it is more convenient and safer to use water buoys to act as a bridge than to use a rowing boat to dock. It is currently used in a wide range, for example, floating pontoons can be used in water piers, water platforms, and yacht piers. The emergence of floating buoys has also made the construction of water platforms such as water piers, water platforms, and yacht piers easier.


The selected material is made of materials with corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, so the floating float has high corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance at the characteristic level. On the other hand, the floating pontoon also has the ability to withstand a weight of 350kg. It is also because of the excellent characteristics of the floating floats, so the floating floats can be widely used in water piers, water platforms, yacht piers, and other levels.

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