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The principles to be followed as a whole: performance goals and uses, safety, durability, quality, easy management and maintenance, should be in harmony with the environment and economical.


Floating Pontoon Dock structure type: should consider the terrain, geology and geography and other conditions.


The service life of Floating Pontoon Dock: It has certain pertinence to environmental conditions and natural loads. Under the condition of low circulation cost, the service life of water floating bridge should be 75-100 years.


The number of Floating Pontoon Dock structures and the global system should meet the requirements of strength, deformation and stability.


The emergence of Floating Pontoon Dock is the embodiment of modern technology and people's entertainment needs. The main body of the water pontoon is mainly composed of the water pontoon, and the material of the water pontoon is made of high molecular polyethylene through large-scale mechanical equipment. Because the body of the water pontoon is seamlessly connected, its stability is very good . Not just a bridge, but also used by people for sightseeing and entertainment.