The Floating Dock Plastic Pontoon Manufacturer Introduces The Site Selection Requirements For The Marina


The Floating Dock Plastic Pontoon manufacturer introduc […]

The Floating Dock Plastic Pontoon manufacturer introduces the site selection requirements for the marina:


1. Choice of location:
Before designing a yacht marina, first choose a good location, mainly traffic conditions, water environment, and the surrounding environment. The size, current, and water level of the water body should be considered. The large water surface should be installed in the lake to avoid the impact of wind and waves so that the boat can dock easily; the small water body should be set up in a relatively open place; the water body with high velocity should avoid the river water to the hull Positive impact. Yacht piers should be located in coastal areas with beautiful natural landscapes. Water quality, wave conditions, and geological conditions determine the feasibility of construction. Environmental conditions should be located in a place with convenient traffic, preferably close to an entrance and exit, the location is obvious, pay attention to the influence of weather factors such as wind and sunshine on the terminal, and pay attention to the use of seasonal wind direction to avoid inconvenient docking of tuyere ships and high temperature in summer, and avoid sunset The reflection of light from the low angle of incidence on the water surface is very irritating to the eyes of tourists, making it very inconvenient to use on cruise ships. 


2. Requirements for shelter in the port:
Tide, water level, and wave height are all factors that affect the stability of berthing in the yacht harbor. When designing a yacht pier, in addition to determining the high and low tides and the maximum and low water levels during the high and low tides and flood periods, the wave height must also be considered. For ordinary passenger and freight terminals, the allowable berth wave height is generally 1.0-2.0m, and the wind force is less than or equal to nine. But for the yacht pier, the wave height is generally controlled between 0.1-0.3 m, and the yacht harbor must meet suitable stability, and the waters in the harbor should also try to avoid wave reflection or take measures to eliminate waves. From the perspective of the wave resistance of the floating wharf structure and the strength of the yacht itself, the allowable wave height (H) of the wharf is 0.5m.


3. Construction scale:
The size of the yacht marina ranges from dozens of berths to thousands of berths, generally between 300 and 1,000. The cost of a yacht pier depends on the number of births. The more berths, the higher the cost and the loss of its personality. From the current number of yachts and consumption, it is generally recommended to build a pier with less than 500 berths.

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