Speed ​​Stick Reflex Standing Bag Supplier Introduces 3 Methods Of Punching


The supplier of Speed Stick Reflex Standing Bag introdu […]

The supplier of Speed Stick Reflex Standing Bag introduces 3 methods of punching with sandbags:


1. Fixed style of play: It allows people to hold the sandbags and the practitioner can strike accurately. This is the initial stage, so that the learners can experience the power of punching and kicking, and the essentials of kicking. Stand up to the position where you hit the sandbag step by step, so as to experience the distance, the overall strength of the whole body, penetration force, whip force, shock force, etc.


2. Live sandbags: Live sandbags are harder to beat than fixed sandbags. The sandbags are shaking. You may hit them for a while and hit the air for a while, but a powerful punch can't deliver power. Therefore, we should realize the cooperation of boxing and footwork: chasing, backward, facing, continuous, forehand, and so on. The game is rich and changeable, and Fang realizes the beauty of the hit. Similarly, in kicking, you should kick in the sport, not every time you hit hard.


3. Click to hit with the combination. Repeated single hits can firmly grasp the power of one punch and one foot, which should be paid attention to in the initial stage of punching. For combination strikes, you can first hit a second-hand straight punch and gradually transition to multiple strikes. In the strike, there must be a change in severity. Especially the density of hand and foot combos, it is not appropriate to form hands as hands and feet as feet. A series of blows, hand-to-foot, hand-to-foot and hand-to-hand close, coherent and coherent.

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