Speed ​​Stick Reflex Standing Bag Manufacturer Introduces The Essentials Of Punching Sandbags


Speed Stick Reflex Standing Bag manufacturer introduces […]

Speed Stick Reflex Standing Bag manufacturer introduces the essentials of punching sandbags:

1. Actual combat awareness, you must imagine an enemy standing in front, always imagine the sandbag as a vocal attack, retreat to counterattack, shake the sandbag to attack, move sideways to attack, etc., imaginatively hit the sandbag, in actual combat, You will feel the benefits of this exercise.


2. Coordination and relaxation. Relaxation is very important. It can make you faster, hit more powerfully, and more explosively. When the hit is particularly violent, you suddenly relax, adjust your breathing, and then hit again. At a moment, be full of explosive power, that is, rhythm.


3. The essentials of exerting force, hit the sandbag. If the sandbag is slowly shaking, it means that your explosive power is not strong enough. If you step down, the strength is particularly strong, the explosive power is particularly strong, the sandbag will suddenly shake, so When playing sandbags, you must have explosive power, speed, and penetration.

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