Punching Bag Kickboxing Training Skills


Punching Bag Kickboxing training skills:   1. Slid […]

Punching Bag Kickboxing training skills:


1. Sliding back a step: Starting from the basic posture, the right foot first slides back one step, then the left foot follows up, keeping the original basic posture and distance between the two feet. Sliding back is the footwork of retreating defense and backlash. When sliding backward, lift your right foot slightly and push your left foot forward with a short elastic force. The step length of the backside is the same as the front slide.


2. Left sliding step: sliding the left sole of the left foot to the left side, sliding the right foot on the ground to keep the original posture. This is combined footwork of moving to the left. At the beginning of the movement, the left foot is slightly lifted first, and the elastic force of the right foot pushes the ground to the right, pushing the body to move to the left. Wipe the floor when sliding, not jumping.


3. Right sliding step: Starting from the basic posture, first lift the right foot slightly, and at the same time use the elastic force of the left foot to push the ground to the left to push the right foot to slide a step to the right. Match the footwork of flashing to the right. Same as the left sliding step, but in the opposite direction. When sliding to the left, in order to keep the body's center of gravity stable after the movement, you should pay attention to the outer edge of the sole of the foot when sliding the foot to the ground, so as to prevent the body from moving too much and losing balance.


4. In boxing training, you should hit harder punching bags. The best punching bags for boxing training are usually filled hard and made of leather. The more the punching bags are filled, the better the stability, and they can be punched continuously.


5. When training with sandbags, stand firm and throw out your punches and move around the sandbags. After each combination of punches, make a jab and move to the left or right, dodge from one side to the other, and then counterattack. Starting from the fourth round, a right straight punch and a left uppercut were used to hit the sandbags, just like hitting the opponent. When the bell rang, put a heavy punch to end the round. Sandbag practice should be after airstrike practice. Starting from the basic punch, gradually increase the strength.

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