Punching Bag Kickboxing Supplier Introduces The Common Classification Of Sandbags


Punching Bag Kickboxing suppliers introduced two types […]

Punching Bag Kickboxing suppliers introduced two types of sandbags, one is hanging sandbags, and the other is vertical sandbags (commonly known as tumbler sandbags).


If you just want to practice boxing and exercise, you can consider choosing a vertical sandbag. If you want to become a professional, then it is recommended to choose the hanging style. Of course, you can also choose according to your own preferences and needs.


Hanging sandbags are very strong and durable, but they are more troublesome to install. They need screws to fix the rope. The vertical sandbags are more convenient and can be moved and placed at will. It is better to install than the hanging sandbags. If you are a beginner and want to practice boxing, air strikes, air strikes, air strikes, because beginners can easily fix the shape of boxing, so you need to use air strikes to correct yourself. The essentials of air strike practice, start from the basic posture, first make a jab, and when adapted, make 1-2 sets of combined punches, and then strike a left uppercut. As the level improves, uppercuts or more complex combinations can be added.

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