Punching Bag Kickboxing Manufacturers Introduces The Tricks Of Practicing Punching Bag


Punching Bag Kickboxing Manufacturers introduces the ti […]

Punching Bag Kickboxing Manufacturers introduces the tips for practicing boxing punching bags:


1. Punch well:
First of all, the boxing punching bag is used to practice and cultivate excellent punching skills. Sudden punches (crisp) You may often hear the coach say "punch the punching bag, don't push." Pushing means trying to push the hand over the target all the time. A "pop" blow means that your fist will bounce back after you are hit. Not because you pulled it back, but because you let the impact bounce your hand back. Fast punching is usually much better than pushing punches. It allows you to use less energy while being more powerful and faster.


2. Punch smoothly:
Fisting fluently refers to linking rhythmic combinations of punches together. The problem is not about punching, but how to punch. Smooth hitting refers to moving around the sandbag in a relaxed manner while hitting a consistent combination from time to time. Unsmooth is like having to adjust your feet first, and then make every punch hard. The smooth punching method is very relaxed, allowing your punches to be on the punching bag in a repetitive "ta-ta-ta" manner, with a small rest time between combinations, allowing you to slide or walk around. There is a pause of no more than 3 seconds when punching (even this is a bit too much). Our goal is to make the blow natural. Some play styles are difficult, but most play styles are around 50-70%, emphasizing speed and elasticity. When you move around the punching bag, you will look at it calmly.


3. Good footwork: stand on the ground with your feet on the ground, stop! Don't lean on the punching bag or put it on your shoulders, or try to push the punching bag, as if you are in close combat. Shoulder punching sandbags (especially beginners) will cause loss of balance in the ring in the future. Your opponent can move easily, making you lose your balance and then counterattack you. Beginners with boxing punching bags must absolutely learn how to maintain balance in order to attack and defend when needed. When you walk around, you don't have to put your hands down and walk around the sandbag, but put your feet on the ground when you walk around the punching bag. Don't cross your feet, try to think of your footwork as a feeling of walking instead of jumping. A common mistake made by beginners is to jump around. This habit will cause your lack of awareness of distance, wasted physical strength, and unstable posture will limit your punching and body movement.

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