Punching Bag Kickboxing Is A Way To Train Strength


The lower base of the household boxing punching bag sup […]

The lower base of the household boxing punching bag supports the connection part in the middle of the punching bag is an elastic rubber rod. One is that the rubber is sensitive to temperature and other aspects and is easy to age and become brittle. It will also bend and then return to an upright state. It will easily break down over time, so you need to control the training time and intensity.


Punching Bag Kickboxing is a kind of training method, the purpose is to improve their explosive power, punching speed and anti-strike ability. Training methods are different depending on the focus.


Explosive power: wear boxing gloves to hit the sandbag, and strive to completely hit the sandbag with each punch;
Punching speed: empty-handed zhi quickly punches in 1 minute, and strives to increase the number of punches in 1 minute;
Strike resistance: When hitting the sandbag empty-handed, you can wrap the sanda strap to make your fist face fully contact with the sandbag.


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