Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment Supplier Introduces The Training Skills Of Punching Bag Boxing


For boxing, gloves are one of the essential protective […]

For boxing, gloves are one of the essential protective equipment, which must be worn well, so as to better protect your hands and prevent harm. Below, Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment supplier introduces the training skills of punching bag boxing.


1. Boxing gloves, knuckles, etc. are all within the scope of protection when you clenched your fist.


2. Straight punch is directly punching the punching bag. Pay attention that the back of your hand is generally facing down, because this means that when the opponent grabs your arm, fold your arm in half and avoid injury. This is the correct way to strike.


3. When punching from left to right, or from left to right uppercut, when making a punch, bend your arms inward toward the centerline, try not to exceed the centerline of the person and the sandbag. This can protect the center of gravity and provide both offense and defense.


4. Uppercut, this is the most difficult punch to practice, because when making punches from bottom to top, you have to lower your head and chest first, that is, your head will become the target of the opponent for a while, uppercut To be fierce, the pursuit is to hit a hit, mainly to hit the opponent's chin by surprise.

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