Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment Supplier Introduces Punching Method Of Punching Bag


Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment supplier introduces the punch […]

Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment supplier introduces the punching methods of sandbags:


1. Fighting consciousness: You must imagine that a fierce enemy standing in front of you is forcing you step by step, and you must go all out to prevent, fight back, and hit hard! Hit him completely! Don't take it lightly, carelessly! Once you hit the air, immediately change the coping style, always think of the sandbag as a person, hit the east and west, lead up and down, shake left and right, defensive counterattack, dodge counterattack, imaginatively fight the sandbag, you will feel this practice in actual combat The benefits.


2. Coordinate and relax. Relax, relax, and keep stressing every day. It makes you faster, more powerful, and more energetic. When you hit, like a storm, you immediately relax when you leave, adjust your breathing, and you are tense and explosive when you hit. Tension is one in ten hits and nine out of ten is relaxation. Play for a group of three minutes, relax your shoulder joints and arms immediately, kick for a group, and do some massage.


3. The essentials. By the trainer hitting the sandbag, the horizontal state of the boxer can be seen. Brute force can only push the sandbag far away, oscillating force, penetrating through the sandbag. The sandbag only vibrates at a high frequency instead of swinging away. This is the force of the punching outbreak and the penetration attack, which can be seen on the sandbag.


4. Strike arrangement. Do you want to punch sandbags every day? Not exactly, you can play two or three times a week. Strike intensity can be a group of three minutes, if it is for the game, you can play 6 × 3 or 9 × 3 rounds, in order to exercise full physical endurance. Sandbags can be combined with air strikes and skipping ropes. In a day's practice, the punching bag can be arranged at the end, and the speed practice can be arranged at the front. Sandbags are an important means to improve and test your skills. Mastering the correct methods will make you even more powerful.

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