Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment Manufacturer Introduces The Relevant Knowledge Of The Wrist Joint


The wrist joint is the most easily damaged joint in box […]

The wrist joint is the most easily damaged joint in boxing. It has a certain degree of flexibility, so its stability is relatively weak. Wrist injuries are also commonly injured joints in table tennis. The structure of the wrist is complex and frequent activities, often due to various exercises or improper force, resulting in sports sprains. The wrist includes: radius, distal ulna, carpal, metacarpal base, radiocarpal joint, middle wrist joint, carpal joint and related soft tissues. The forearm tendons and synovial sheath pass through the wrist. These structures maintain close contact with the wrist bones through the special thickened deep fascia. Such an anatomical relationship can adapt to the wide range of wrist movements and the complex functions of the hand. When the external force exceeds a certain range, wrist sprains can occur, which affects the function of the hand.


The Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment manufacturer introduces its treatment methods:

  1. Manipulation treatment: When the wrist is swollen and tenderness does not show up, you can gently press, rub, knead and pinch the wrist, and then hold the thumb and the first metacarpal bone and shake 3 to 6 times from side to side, and stretch 2 to 5 Point to relax the cramps and tendons, then bend and extend the wrists to straighten out the meridians
  2. Fixation: For severe injuries, use cardboard or lumber to fix the wrist in the functional position. Although the condition improves, the external fixation can be removed within 3 weeks, or a cloth bandage or wrist brace can be used for protection
  3. Functional exercise: After the pain is relieved for 24 hours after the injury, practice finger flexion and extension activities. 3 to 5 days after the pain is relieved, practice wrist extension and flexion and forearm rotation. Pay attention that functional exercises cannot aggravate wrist pain.
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