Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment Manufacturer Introduces How To Conduct Hand Training


Increase strength and improve endurance through punchin […]

Increase strength and improve endurance through punching methods. A good punch must be able to effectively and gracefully transfer power to the opponent. Although it is important to work hard to train your speed and endurance, if you want to become a better boxer, more professional skills are essential. Today, Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment manufacturer will introduce how to conduct hand training:


1. Use the elbow to guide the force. When hitting an opponent, use your elbow instead of your wrist. Keep it compact. Presumably, you are not willing to punch or move your body meaninglessly. So keep your legs still, and keep the hand that can't punch close to your body.


2. Move your arms to relax your muscles during rest. When you are not punching, be sure to relax your arms and keep them in a natural state. In this way, the muscles of the arms can move comfortably with the body. Don't try to tighten the muscles, that will only accelerate fatigue.


3. Use a smooth and clean drop to train. Hit the lob hanging from the ceiling vigorously and maintain a steady punching speed. Hit the lob through regular circular motions and keep your hands moving in the same direction as the lob. This is one of the best ways to train hand endurance and coordination.


4. Do heavy bag training every three minutes, 3-5 times for each group of training. However, make sure you don't just stand there and punch. Keep your feet on the ground, move back and forth like a real fight, and occasionally stop to dodge and block.


5. Try a slow boxing rally. This slow fight can bring your whole body and mind into boxing so that you can practice safely and technically focused. Strikes must be coordinated, keep your feet moving, and pay attention to the position of your hands under any circumstances. All parts of your body should move in harmony with each other.

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