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Pu Cheap Boxing Equipment Factory introduced that hitting heavy boxing punching bags is a bit like running, everything is closely related to breathing. Don't always think about hitting hard. You should focus on breathing, not on punching. If you can stay relaxed and adjust your breathing, then you will not get tired easily. Strength and endurance have little to do with the effort you put in a punch. The key to making hundreds of powerful punches is technique and breathing. A good breathing style can keep you relaxed and be able to punch more without getting tired. Good technique allows you to make full use of your own strength to hit the most powerful punches. Don't let boxing punching bag training exhaust you. You should keep the rhythm when punching the punching bag and punch when you want to punch. To learn to avoid excessive waste of energy by changing training methods. Such as the use of a double-headed boxing punching bag or boxing target training. If you always become exhausted when hitting heavy punching bags, then this is not good for your game.


It is a very good way to hit 3 to 6 punches in a row when hitting a punching bag. You can't just hit one or two punches, and of course, you don't need to hit 10 consecutive punches. 3 to 6 punches are enough to destroy the opponent, and this striking mode can also give your opponent no chance to counterattack. All your attacks should be carried out in a combination of punches. You can try some common percussion rhythms (1-2-1-2, 1-2-3, etc.) or some unorthodox rhythms (1-3-2, 3-1-2-3-3, etc.) ). Boxing hits combo punches, not clicks, so you should keep hitting combo punches and keep your rhythm. When hitting, your high fist should be aimed at the opponent's head, and your low fist should hit the opponent's trunk. According to my observation, many people are too low when punching, so they can't hit the opponent's head. People who train like this will get tired easily in the shoulders during the game because they usually hit too low a target.


Don't stand still when you are tired, you have to keep moving. When you feel tired, you have to keep moving and keep hitting brisk straight punches. Don't lean on a boxing punching bag or do "Tyson-style" sliding steps. The most important thing to pay attention to is not to stay still like a boxing punching bag.