Precautions For Using Boxing Sandbag


Precautions for using Boxing Sandbag :   1. First, […]

Precautions for using Boxing Sandbag :


1. First, draw a white hitting point (5 cm in diameter) on two-thirds of the sandbag as the hitting target. Single punches and one or two combo punches must be hit at this marked point to cultivate the accuracy of hitting the target.


2. There are two styles of sandbag play: stable style and swing style.
Stable style of play: two people in a group. One person stabilizes the sandbag while the other practices hitting, so as to avoid inaccurate sandbag rotation and distance. The person holding the punching bag can also help correct errors in the punching posture and punching route. The person holding the sandbag must be able to see clearly the action of hitting someone.

Swinging style: boxing in the process of swinging the sandbag, this style of play is more difficult, you must first learn the stable style of play, and then learn the swing style of play.


3. When hitting, it must cooperate with the movement of front and back, left and right footsteps, and make full use of pushing the ground and turning the hips to exert force. Only when hitting is powerful.


4. The exercise of punching the sandbag should not be too much, so as to avoid muscle stiffness and sound speed. Each practice is 3 minutes for 1 group, 1-minute rest in between, usually 3-5 groups can be practiced, the number of groups can be increased before the game.


5. When hitting the sandbag, you must wrap the handguard and wear the gloves for hitting the sandbag to prevent the fingers and the surface of the first peak from being injured.

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