Precautions For The Use Of Punching Bag Kickboxing


How to use Punching Bag Kickboxing correctly?   1. […]

How to use Punching Bag Kickboxing correctly?


1. Be prepared for activities, especially the hitting arm. It is better to play volleyball or basketball for a while before you hit the sandbag, in order to ventilate blood and move your muscles and bones.


2. Before hitting the sandbag, the novice should first move the body, especially the wrists and ankles. It is better to feel the whole body heat and sweat slightly.


3. Prepare a pair of boxing bandages, wrap your hands carefully until you reach the wrist joints, and then put on suitable practice gloves.


4. When hitting sandbags, follow the principle of gradual and orderly progress. The strength of hitting ranges from light to heavy, from slow to fast, and the technique ranges from a single technique to a combined technique.


5. Move your steps around the sandbag and shake your body. When hitting the sandbag, don’t use your whole body strength to make a heavy punch. Do one click, one click, no matter if it’s a jab, uppercut, or swing. , Standardize your actions, and experience the correct focus.


6. When punching, when the fist is about to touch the sandbag, the wrist joint must be tense, the fist must be clenched, and the fist face must be flat. When hitting the sandbag with wrestling and pumping hands, the shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints are fully relaxed. Before the exercise, the finger joints should be hot before they can be beaten. You can also slap lightly or pump a sandbag. Wait until the fingers are hot before hitting hard.


7. In the posture of making a fist, in addition to the face of the fist being flat, it is also necessary to buckle slightly inside to make the fist and the forearm into one body, so that even if the fist is not completely clenched, it will not be bruised. In addition, the contact point is the first peak and then the first face. When touching the sandbag, do not change the angle of the fist and the forearm in order to make the fist face completely contact the sandbag. If the training intensity is high, it is recommended to use sandbag gloves.


8. When the inertia generated by the shaking of the sandbag hits you, you must not use your strength to hit a heavy punch. Because your wrist strength is not enough to support the rebounding force, it is easy to cause damage to your wrist. Correct The method is like this. When the sandbag rushes towards you, you try to avoid it. You can also use your forearm to block the sandbag, and then punch when the sandbag swings back.


9. People who practice or have minor wrist injuries can wear a wrist brace, but don't wear it for a long time.


10. Before the sandbag training, in addition to the regular warm-up, you can alternately lightly hit the fist face 10 cm away from the sandbag to warm up the fist face before transferring to formal training.


11. You can properly let the sandbag hit your chest and abdomen to exercise your ability to resist hits. Pay attention to muscle tension to avoid injury.


12. In the event of a contusion, let your partner grab the palm of your hand, and then continue to pull the wrist joint away with force, then relax, and then pull again, so that you can reset it several times. If it is more serious, after reset, you can apply cold compress first, then hot compress.


13. You can ask your partner to stand behind the sandbag and fix the sandbag by hand. You must pay attention to your joint bearing capacity when hitting. Don’t come up with your whole body strength all at once. If you want to hit, you don’t have to be fast. Pay attention to punching Essentials.


14. Novices should not practice for too long to avoid joint fatigue and injury. After the practice, relax your arms, shake your palms, and then do self-massage on the wrists and other joints.


15. Prepare a slightly pliable, heavy boxing target, and fix it. When you hit it, don’t be fast, and you can’t just hit it all at once. If you want to hit it, hit it at once. Before hitting it, hit the empty punch according to the punching method. , Feel whether the strength reaches the fist surface (fist front), keep this feeling, hit the fist target within the range of your wrist strength.

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