Precautions For Selecting Boxing Sandbag


Precautions for selecting Boxing Sandbag :   1. Ch […]

Precautions for selecting Boxing Sandbag :


1. Choice of style:
There are two types of sandbags, one is a hanging sandbag and the other is a vertical sandbag. If you just want to practice boxing and exercise, you can consider choosing a vertical sandbag. If you want to become a professional, then it is recommended to choose the hanging style. Of course, you can also choose according to your own preferences and needs. Hanging sandbags are very strong and durable, but they are more troublesome to install. They need screws to fix the ropes. The vertical sandbags are more convenient and can be moved and placed at will, but the price is relatively more expensive.


2. Choice of size:
If you just want to practice boxing, practice some self-defense skills, and exercise your body, then 80cm—120cm is all right. If you want to become a professional or focus on practicing boxing, Muay Thai, Sanda, etc., you can choose Large sandbags of 160cm or above.


3. A tough choice:
If you are still a novice, you can choose a relatively soft one with a stronger hardness. Avoid the bones that are damaged by punching too hard. It is not good. After you are proficient and have strong endurance, you can choose a harder one. You can exercise the hardness of your fists.


4. Types of boxing sandbags:
Some of them are water-filled boxing sandbags for convenience without having to find a place to hang them. The other is a hanging punching bag, which is divided into three materials: canvas, Oxford cloth, and imitation leather. Boxing sandbags are suitable for a wide range of people, regardless of whether they are young or old.

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