Practice The Small Details Of Free Standing Boxing Bags


What are the basic movements for practicing Free Standi […]

What are the basic movements for practicing Free Standing Boxing Bags ? Let's take a look below:

1. It is actually a combination of a semi-squat posture and a shoulder covering posture. The left hand protects the right mandible; the right hand forearm is on the outside; it should be noted that although this posture is effective in defense, the crossed arms are not Easy to punch quickly.

2. Shoulder covering posture, turn left shoulder to face opponent, right hand protects the lower jaw, left hand protects the position below the chest, the left shoulder is raised to protect the lower jaw. This posture requires the fighter's shoulders to curl up so as to protect his body well. This posture is conducive to swinging punches, but not conducive to jab punches. Many famous boxers have used this posture, such as Joe Fraser.

3. Hidden posture, this posture is changed from the traditional posture, it was invented by Cass Damato and Freud Patterson; with chest abdomen, body curled inward, arms raised parallel In order to better protect the head; when the fist is not out, the fist should not be clenched, so that the fist can be used to pat or block the right fist inward or outward. When the opponent punches, you can shake your body from side to side or dive to avoid the opponent's blow.

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