Practice 5 Aspects Of Punching Bag Kickboxing


Footwork is very important in Punching Bag Kickboxing t […]

Footwork is very important in Punching Bag Kickboxing technology. In actual combat practice and competition, the distance between the two parties is constantly changing. Only by moving the footwork quickly can you seize the opportunity and effectively hit the other party. Similarly, in order to avoid the opponent's offense and attack, you must use fast footsteps to get rid of it. Let's talk about the precautions in the following practice:

1. When the step moves, the two feet cannot leave the ground and cannot move forward in steps.

2. When the step moves, the basic boxing posture is still maintained and cannot be changed.

3. When the step moves, the stride should not be too large, too much will affect the starting speed of the second step.

4. When the step moves, the center of gravity of the body is kept between the two feet, and the front and back feet cannot stand on a straight line, otherwise, the center of gravity is not stable, and the center of gravity should not cross the support surface.

5. When you first practice footwork, you should not move too fast. When you can keep your body moving, gradually accelerate it.

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