Jet Ski Roller Dock Suppliers Introduces The Installation Precautions Of The Float


Floats are commonly designed in the landscape of water […]

Floats are commonly designed in the landscape of water engineering projects, but there are many particular points about the installation details of the floats. Below, Jet Ski Roller Dock Suppliers introduces the installation precautions of the floats:

1. Assemble the single reinforced concave-convex S-side buoy in place according to the coordinate points of the general plan. First, assemble the buoys according to the shape and specific dimensions of the plan to form a whole;

2. The buoy earrings are superimposed and connected to improve the wave resistance and torsion resistance of the dock. They are combined in sequence according to the dots of the earrings on the surface of the buoy. The buoys are locked by a short pin connection, and the special tools are used to rotate 45 degrees to complete the latching. The outer ring has side bolts on the side of the outer ring to tighten and lock. The washer is installed according to the position of the pontoon. According to this method, other pontoon products can be extended and assembled and can be formed into a floating platform of any shape and size. It is easy to disassemble and assemble. , Flexible assembly, diversified shapes, and firm structure.

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