Jet Ski Roller Dock Manufacturer Introduces The Material And Characteristics Of The Float


The manufacturer of the Jet Ski Roller Dock introduces […]

The manufacturer of the Jet Ski Roller Dock introduces the material and characteristics of the float:


The surface of the pontoon adopts the design of reticulated squares and small convex particles, which is non-slip, safe, and stable. It has a quadrilateral shape, high density, and strong support. It can load 350kg per square meter.

It can work normally under the temperature of -60°C to ≤80°C. The installation is simple, flexible, and fast, which does not consume manpower, shortens the construction time, and saves costs. It can also be configured with various shapes and shapes required by customers, Under normal use conditions, the life of the main body of the pontoon is as long as 15 years.

The product material is made of imported strong, high-density, high-molecular-weight polyethylene and added with corresponding antistatic agents, antioxidants, anti-UV ultraviolet agents, and other auxiliary materials. It has anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, and is not corroded by seawater, pollution, and damage. Environment and other characteristics. The whole is formed at one time, seamless, and the rated average wall thickness is 7.52mm.

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