Jet Ski Dock Supplier Introduces Safety Measures For Water Park Slides


Jet Ski Dock Supplier introduces the safety measures fo […]

Jet Ski Dock Supplier introduces the safety measures for the water park slides:


1. Obey the order and obey the command. Generally speaking, the water park slides are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, which is beautiful and durable. However, visitors must abide by the order of the water park when playing, obey the instructions of the staff, and play in an orderly manner. Do not rush. Random collisions to prevent safety accidents. Especially when parents take their children to play, they should take good care of their children, avoid dispersing in the park and ensure the safety of play.


2. Pay attention to the restrictions on water park slides. Many of the water park slides are large and dangerous. The average height and weight are considered in the design. Therefore, many water park slides have height and weight restrictions, which also protect the safety of the players. Most adults are suitable for playing water park slides. Before playing, carefully read the playing instructions, and meet the age, height, weight, and health requirements to play. Especially if the child's height is not full, do not insist on trying to avoid safety accidents. The staff of the (floating bridge) will also discourage you, and you must follow the staff's advice.


3. When sliding down in the water park with the correct posture, you should follow the guidance of the staff, follow the correct play posture and take relevant safety precautions to play. Especially when playing a water park slide, you must slide down in the correct sliding posture to avoid making dangerous movements, such as sliding your head first, which is very dangerous. Only by maintaining the correct sliding action can you ensure your safety and play at ease.


4. It is forbidden to slap and destroy the equipment. Don’t make slapstick behaviors when playing and sliding. This not only brings danger to yourself but also may endanger others. This is very dangerous and remembers not to do it. Generally speaking, many accidents are caused by people's negligence. There is also no way to destroy the equipment during the game. This is also strictly prohibited, so as not to harm yourself and others.

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