Jet Ski Dock Manufacturers Share Rules For Construction Regulations On Water Works


Each building has its own unique rules during construct […]

Each building has its own unique rules during construction, so the construction of water works is the same. Let ’s share the rules of construction of water works with Jet Ski Dock manufacturer.


1. First, keep in touch with the meteorological and hydrological stations and other departments at the construction site, listen to the weather forecast daily, and make records to keep abreast of the weather changes and water dynamics at any time to take timely measures.

2. All kinds of ships involved in the construction (must meet the safety requirements, and must also hold various valid certificates, and have all kinds of qualified crew members according to the regulations. Marine equipment, communications, fire fighting, lifesaving, anti-pollution and other equipment must be safe Effective, and passed the safety inspection of the local maritime bureau.

3. The construction ship must keep a smooth communication with the dispatch room day and night, and display effective navigation, berthing and operation signals as required.

4. A special lifeboat should be set up on the water, and there should be a special person on duty. Each construction site should be equipped with lifesaving equipment such as lifebuoys and lifejackets.

5. Strictly implement the safe operation rules of marine machinery and equipment, timely repair and maintain equipment to ensure safe operation. Major accidents such as machine damage must be reported to the project department immediately.

6. Transship the cargo strictly in accordance with the approved tonnage. The cargo must not be over-high or overloaded, and must be effectively tied to prevent accidents due to the movement of the cargo.

7. Strictly implement the regulations on ship supply and oil reception to prevent leakage. Ship oil, sewage and garbage must be collected and recorded in a centralized manner. It is strictly forbidden to discharge and dump into the river, and be equipped with all fire-fighting equipment.

8. Strictly implement the regulations on the safety of marine shipping, operate carefully to ensure safety.

9. All ships must be equipped with sufficient life buoys, life jackets and other life-saving equipment in accordance with regulations. Life jackets must be worn when working on decks. Safety nets should be hung on the upper and lower passages of the personnel, springboards should be fixed, and railings conforming to the standards should be installed around the water working platform And safety net. At the same time, anti-freeze and anti-skid work should be done.

10. Carefully implement the safety warning and protection measures for the construction platform facilities, bridge piles, and underwater pipelines in the construction operation area. It is not allowed to expand the scope of the safe construction area on the water without authorization to ensure the safety of the people, ships and objects in the operation area.

11. Implement a safe construction management system in the operation area, ensure that ships, rafts, and facilities unrelated to the construction operation are not allowed to enter the construction waters, and prevent safety accidents between the construction operation ship of this project and other construction ships that hinder normal construction.

12. Domestic garbage and plastic products on construction ships shall not be thrown into the water arbitrarily. Domestic garbage must be put in covered storage containers and transported to shore regularly for dumping.

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