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Does Jet Ski Dock manufacturer introduce the types of docks?

1. Combined marina
The combined yacht dock is assembled by buoys in a specific form, and panels can also be laid as needed. The material of the pontoon is imported high-density polyethylene, which has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong impact resistance. The pontoon has a unique module meter and can be freely combined; the surface is non-slip design, safe and stable.

This kind of yacht dock has strong flexibility for independent expansion, a simple installation method, a short construction period, and almost no maintenance and maintenance costs. It is widely used in fields such as floating docks, motorboat docks, water swimming pool platforms, water stages, pontoons, and water working platforms.


2. Steel structure yacht marina
Steel structure wharf has many advantages such as high-cost performance, short construction period, high structural strength, good stability, mature production technology, simple construction and installation, and convenient maintenance. The steel structure yacht pier is currently the most widely used pier, which can fully meet the design requirements of yacht clubs and commercial piers.

Steel structure yacht piers are laid with steel frames and panels on the basis of floating bodies. The mainframe is a hot-dip galvanized steel structure, which is fixed with a floating body through a special connection, which effectively strengthens the stability of the wharf; plastic wood or solid wood panels are laid on the top of the panel, and the wooden surface makes the wharf more unique and elegant. It can be equipped with ancillary facilities such as approach bridges, water and electricity, security, mooring cables, and railings.


3. Aluminum structure yacht marina
Advantages of aluminum alloy structure dock, durable, versatile, elegant and noble, marine aluminum alloy profiles. Due to the special design of the main profile and the combination of various components, the connection of other equipment (such as branch roads, mooring piles) is quite flexible.

The aluminum alloy marina is made of marine-grade 6061 aluminum alloy, T6 heat treatment, and MIG welding. The surface has been scientifically treated to enhance the oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of the frame. After the welded aluminum alloy frame is connected and fixed with the floating body, the surface is covered with solid wood or plastic wood panels, and it is equipped with approach bridges, water and electricity, security, mooring cables, railings, approach bridges and other auxiliary facilities.