Jet Ski Dock Manufacturer Introduces The Characteristics Of Jet Skis


You can see jet skis in the water parks of some enterta […]

You can see jet skis in the water parks of some entertainment venues. So what are these types of water facilities? Today, the Jet Ski Dock manufacturer will show you the characteristics of jet skis:


1. The sound produced by the jet ski is very special and the pitch is very high. Due to technological progress, the noise of the jet ski is greatly reduced. These include Installing sound-absorbing foam between the hull and the engine. Install a noise generator and use the sound waves it produces to offset the noise of the engine. Install an auxiliary muffler, which sends air into the engine through a twisted curve instead of a straight line, so that the sound radiates.


2. The steering system of the jet ski is very simple. The handle is connected to the control cable. When the driver turns the handle, the steering cable drives the steering guide tube to rotate, thereby changing the spray direction of the water stream. Some jet skis are designed to allow the driver to lean into corners, just like on regular motorcycles.


3. There is a trigger device on the handle, which can control the throttle and allow the driver to accelerate. However, whether for steering direction or acceleration, the throttle is very important. If there is no water flow in the steering guide, the boat cannot change direction. Instinctively slowing down to avoid accidents is dangerous and may result in complete loss of steering power. When this happens, the boat will drift in a straight line until finally, the friction of the surrounding water makes it stop.


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