Jet Ski Dock Manufacturer Introduces The Characteristics Of Aluminum Alloy Yacht Docks


Yacht piers can be divided into aluminum alloy and stee […]

Yacht piers can be divided into aluminum alloy and steel structure piers, barge piers, and combined piers. The marina has experienced the era of plastic, concrete, and steel structures.


Jet Ski Dock Manufacturer introduced that aluminum alloy yacht piers should become the next mainstream. Compared with the traditional yacht piers in the past, this new material yacht pier has obvious advantages. Its anti-corrosion ability is very good. The installation is very convenient, and the bearing capacity is very high. The yacht pier of this material can be used for a long time and can be described as enduring. If the pontoon and the panel are aging due to the long use time, then only It is enough to perform a replacement for the parts of this part.



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