Jet Ski Dock Factory Introduces A Clean Boating Guide


Jet Ski Dock Factory introduces a cleaning boating guid […]

Jet Ski Dock Factory introduces a cleaning boating guide:


1. Refuel correctly
The ship needs to be refueled carefully to prevent oil and gas from entering the waterways.


2. Sewage treatment
We know that no one wants to think about sewage, but it is an important part of the health and safety of humans and waterways. Use land-based facilities as much as possible, and only dispose of human waste in portable bedpans, composting heads, or installed toilets with marine sanitation equipment required by law.


3. Waste Management
For all other waste, please recycle the garbage you can recycle, and properly dispose of the garbage you cannot recycle. In addition to paper, metal, and glass, many marine products can also be recycled to reduce the amount of waste entering landfills.


4. Vessel maintenance and cleaning
Prepare a comprehensive ship maintenance checklist. Tasks such as changing the engine oil and checking the fluid level keep your boat running smoothly and reduce pollution. However, even on a well-maintained engine, check for leaks in the steering cable, drips during oil changes, or fuel leaks from fittings: all of these can enter the bilge. Change engine oil and other liquids carefully, and properly dispose of used filters, engine oil, absorbent pads, and wipes. Keep your boat clean, but if you can, avoid soap and harsh cleaners, and save heavy pressure washing for the designated wash area.

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