Jet Ski Dock Manufacturer Introduces The Characteristics Of Floating Platforms


The pontoon is freely connected and combined into vario […]

The pontoon is freely connected and combined into various shapes through a single cube to achieve its different functions. Jet Ski Dock manufacturer introduces the following characteristics of floating platforms:


1. The individual products are tightly connected, with a bearing capacity of 320kg per square meter, which can be used by pedestrians or vehicles and has strong stability.

2. Practical and beautiful. Surface anti-skid design, a variety of color buoys to choose from, can be freely designed and combined into different symbols or patterns. According to the needs, the surface can be laid with wooden boards, tempered glass, carpets and other beautified floating platforms, and can also be used as a stage or other mechanical operation platform through water and electricity.

3. Free combination, easy installation and disassembly, combined into various shapes according to needs, easy to transport and carry.

4. The product has a long service life and can be used naturally for 10 years. No maintenance is required after installation.

5. Withstand tensile force: 1.8 tons to 2 tons. (Tensile force tested with diagonal ears of float)

6. Resistant to general acid and alkali, sun UV radiation.

7. Maximum temperature resistance: high temperature 190℃, low temperature -50℃.

8. Environmentally friendly materials do not produce toxic chemicals.

9. It is possible to distribute electricity, water and gas pipelines on the platform with water supply buoys, but it does not affect the use and appearance. It is relatively safe for expensive electromechanical equipment, and it can also avoid short circuit or electric shock disasters caused by damp and wet lines.

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