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Punching Bag Kickboxing sandbags tied around the legs, usually, 12-year-olds choose 2kg. 16 years old choose 3kg. It varies from person to person. When you first practice, you should tie it to your calf, and you should learn a little closer to your ankle. Generally, you should pay attention to the intensity at the beginning of practice. Do not overdo it. The muscles of the body cannot adapt to the intensity of a large amount of exercise. Sticking to it for a long time will greatly improve the hardness of the muscles and the speed and strength of the legs.


The weight of the sandbag varies from person to person, and the principle is to give full play to the technique. Adult beginners usually use 20kg sandbags or lighter sandbags. A 60kg player would be better off using a 25kg bag. The height of the sandbag should be appropriate, too high or too low is not conducive to the performance of the technique, and may cause the wrong posture.


When performing sandbag exercises, the sandbag can be stationary or swinging. Static sandbags are suitable for beginners to practice. Beginners can have time to think about how to strike hard, as well as the route, direction, and force point of the strike because the movement has not yet been finalized. This will help improve the performance of the movement. quality. The swinging sandbag is generally suitable for high-level players who have firmly mastered the action and need to further improve their skills. Because the sandbag swings a lot, it will generate a lot of potential energy. When hitting, the body needs to withstand a lot of impacts. It can be easily damaged if used improperly.