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The pontoon is composed of multiple water pontoons with good universality and interchangeability, which is widely used in tourism, leisure and other fields. What are the characteristics of Float Pontoon manufacturers sharing pontoons?


  1. The pontoon does not need frequent maintenance and maintenance, it only needs to regularly check whether the performance is stable.
  2. The pontoon material used has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, ultraviolet resistance and impact resistance, and is suitable for being placed in outdoor waters all year round.
  3. There are many patterns on the surface of the floating bridge, which is not only beautiful but also non-slip, allowing you to walk freely on the floating bridge with water.
  4. The stability of the floating bridge is good, and the seamless connection is also used between the main bodies.
  5. The floating bridge built in the wetland park and reservoir not only has the function of the floating bridge itself, but also has a great viewing function.