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In some seas and entertainment venues on the water, we often see some Floating Pontoon Dock floating on the surface of the water. The purpose of these appliances is to allow the ship to have a concept of distance during driving. So when designing such appliances, what should we pay attention to Matters?


The floating docks produced by Taizhou Anting Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. are constructed in different ways. They are more flexible because they need to be able to automatically adjust to different water levels. Some floating docks may need to be stored elsewhere during the off-season, and Change the shape from time to time according to usage and needs. For these reasons, the use of floating buoys to build floating docks has become a better choice. Floating buoys can be combined into floating platforms of any shape and size, which is simple and fast to disassemble, flexible to assemble, diverse in shape, and firm in structure.


Floating docks built with water pontoons can easily transport them to the desired location, and in winter, they can be easily removed from the water and stored on dry land, or they can be easily changed in shape or added during expansion projects area.


Since floating docks are composed of floating pontoons, it is easy to divide them into several parts by adjusting the position of floating buoys. It can make the dock get on and off the boat more easily when the water surface rises or the water surface fluctuates.