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The wharf is a hydraulic structure for ships to dock, load, and unload goods and get on and off tourists, and is the main part of the port. Below, China Speed Stick Reflex Standing Bag Exporter introduces the classification of docks:


1. According to the section form: there are vertical type, slope type, semi-vertical type, and semi-slope type.

2. According to the structural form: there are gravity type, sheet pile type, high pile type, slope type, pier column type, and floating dock type.

3. According to the purpose: there are general cargo wharves, special wharves (fishing wharf, oil wharf, coal wharf, ore wharf, container wharf, etc.), passenger wharf, working ship wharf for working ships in the port, and ship repairing and shipbuilding wharf's Ship repair wharf and outfitting wharf specially designed for work.

4. According to the plane layout of the wharf: there are parallel bank types, jetty types, pier types, etc. Pier-type piers are further divided into isolated piers connected with approach bridges on the shore or continuous piers connected by bridges; jetty piers are further divided into narrow jetties (the jetty is an integral structure) and wide jetties (both sides are pier structures, in which The fill constitutes the wharf ground).