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The used strategy of Punching Bag Kickboxing :

1. There is no awareness of actual combat when hitting.
Because the sandbag has no hands or feet and will not fight back, practitioners tend to relax and give a violent blow. You can see that they are full of prestige in the exercises, and their fists and feet are like rain. However, once they are engaged in actual combat, their hands and feet become stiff, mentally stressed, and cannot perform the usual practice. Skill. This is why the sandbag is not conceived as a person in the exercise. Did not combine offense and defense, footwork, and attacked with a sense of actual combat.


2. Stiff footwork and improper distance.
Some people put sandbags on hard sand or stones, put them on their horses, beat them hard, bruise their fists, and even gritted their teeth. They think that they can only practice "iron fist" by hardship. In fact, this is meaningless. The suffering, self-injury. The upper punches are inconsistent with the lower footwork, and it is impossible to produce much power.


3. Abuse of physical strength and do not talk about rhythm.
Sandbags should be changed in rhythm within 3 minutes. Most people will only fight hard, less than 30 seconds, they will be breathless, but they think it is insufficient stamina. Can't breathe, attack without purpose, don't understand changes, it will consume a lot of energy, but the effect is inferior.