Free Standing Boxing Bags Purchase Requirements


Free Standing Boxing Bags purchase requirements: 1. Box […]

Free Standing Boxing Bags purchase requirements:

1. Boxing gloves (standard, about 12 ounces) + several sets of hand straps (you also need to learn to wrap them yourself). With boxing gloves and handguards, you will develop the habit of protecting your hands. The wrist is actually very fragile. Don't let it hurt.


2. Joints such as ankles and elbows are similar, but you need to add some props. If you practice Sanda, don't wear shoes and sandbags. It is not good for shoes, feet, and sandbags.


3. Buy a sandbag (length>160cm, diameter about 40cm). Use sandbags instead of humanoid sandbags. The purpose of sandbags is to practice the penetrating power of punches, so you buy a personal sandbag. What is it for? Also expensive. Sanda sandbags are actually best bought on the ground because they can practice low-side legs.


4. The technique of loading sandbags, the center should be a little firmer, and it is better to wrap a layer of foam near the outer edge to avoid injuries to hands and feet. Novices can play 40~60KG at the beginning, step by step.


5. Choose a good place for lifting sandbags. Don't have too much wind (avoid wind, shade, dampness, and cold in martial arts places). The top is fixed, and the sandbag is dropped on the sandbag hook with an iron chain (you can also buy a turntable to connect the middle).

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