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Free Standing Boxing Bags manufacturers share how to perform orbit training?


Orbit Step Orbit step is a kind of footwork centered on the opponent and moving around him. There are two clockwise and counterclockwise steps. Its movement is like a side step, but it does not belong to the side step. His movement is relatively small, he only dodges the opponent's blow slightly, and can counterattack.


1. Circle counterclockwise (Ask for right circle) When the opponent comes over with a straight left fist, only moves a little to the right and counterattacks with a straight left fist. Because the inertia of the opponent and the impulse he hits together, the destructive power is extremely great. Boxing loops counterclockwise to the right, this looping method is the safest.


2. Circling clockwise (circling to the left) Standing on the inside of the opponent, that is, the front of the opponent's abdomen, make full use of his right hand to attack. In order to defend, the opponent turned his entire body to the right, so that both sides of the attack were in a straight line. At this time, it will circle to the left, and it is more likely to be attacked by the other party, so it is necessary to protect it. The left foot movement is to move the left foot first to the left and the right heel to the left.


Key points: The purpose of using the orbit is to divert the direction of attack, find opportunities for attack, or adjust breathing, and take short breaks. Therefore, in practice and competition, you cannot passively defend, but actively look for fighters in the defense, so as to defeat the enemy.

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