Free Standing Boxing Bags Manufacturer Introduces The Precautions For Selecting Suitable Sandbags


Free Standing Boxing Bags Manufacturer introduces the p […]

Free Standing Boxing Bags Manufacturer introduces the precautions for selecting suitable sandbags:


Excluding giant sandbags, sandbags or other weights do not make much difference to practitioners. The difference between sandbags does not depend on their weight.


The sandbag is hung on the beam, and its own weight is not borne by the practitioner. If a sandbag is 70kg, the practitioner will hit the middle and upper position of the sandbag, and the practitioner will not emit so much force, so it has nothing to do with the weight.


What is called a suitable sandbag is that it is moderately soft and hard, and it is enough to send the strength up.


The sandbag filling is too hard. When the leg is kicked diagonally up/down, the tibia will slip when it touches the sandbag, and the force will shift away; the sandbag filling is light and soft, and it is more difficult to exert force.


Straight sandbags should be filled tightly and fully to prevent the sandbags from jumping and shaking; tapered sandbags generally weigh 5-10kg more than straight sandbags and can be practiced in a variety of ways.

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