Floating Platform Boat Pontoon Manufacturer Introduces What Is Rotomolding


Floating Platform Boat Pontoon manufacturer introduces […]

Floating Platform Boat Pontoon manufacturer introduces what is rotomolding?


It is also called rotational molding, rotational molding, rotational molding, etc. It is a hollow molding method for thermoplastics. The method is to first add plastic raw materials into the mold, and then the mold is continuously rotated along two vertical axes and heated. Under the action of gravity and thermal energy, the plastic raw materials in the mold gradually uniformly coat, melt and adhere to the mold cavity. The whole surface is formed into the required shape, and then cooled and shaped into a product.


The basic process of rotational molding is very simple, that is, the powdered or liquid polymer is heated in a mold, and the mold rotates and revolves around a vertical axis, and then cools to form. At the beginning of the heating phase, if a powder material is used, a porous layer is formed on the surface of the mold, and then gradually melts with the cycle process to form a homogeneous layer of uniform thickness; if a liquid material is used, flow and coat first It covers the surface of the mold and stops the flow completely when it reaches the gel point. The mold is then transferred to the cooling work area, cooled by forced ventilation or water spray, and then placed in the work area, where the mold is opened, the finished part is taken away, and then the next cycle is performed.

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