Floating Platform Boat Pontoon Factory Introduces The Manufacturing Method Of Anchoring Device


Floating Platform Boat Pontoon Factory introduces the m […]

Floating Platform Boat Pontoon Factory introduces the manufacturing method of the anchoring device of the floating dock:


1. In order to work more safely on the floating wharf, a type of fixing device for the floating wharf has been explored. A winch is designed above the floating wharf. The winch is fixedly connected to one end of the cable, and the other end of the cable is fixedly connected to the anchor block. The cable winch is connected to the driving facility. The drive organization starts with the movement of the cable winch to carry out the retraction and unwinding of the cable. The upper side of the drive mechanism is connected with the brake. The winch at the upper end of the floating dock uses the cable to connect the winch to the cable. The anchor blocks are connected together to drive the rotation of the winch. The straight rope is in a tightened condition, and then the floating dock is fixed on the water. For this reason, the brake mechanism breaks the driving mechanism, thereby making the winch cable The disc is fixed to prevent the winch from still rotating. This device is simple and inexpensive and can be used in floating docks where piling is impossible or the water level is deep.


2. Floating docks are commonly used on lakes and rivers in tourist attractions. Floating docks are a kind of water platform connected by several floating objects such as pontoons. Because the floating yard floats on the water surface, it will be caused by wind or Due to water flow and other reasons, the floating dock cannot be fixed. In order to deal with the fixed problem of the floating dock, in the current technology, a number of lugs are horizontally suspended on the walls of the pontoon at each edge of the floating dock, and the lugs are set up. For vertical through holes, use a pile driver to drive the positioning piles into the soil in the bottom of the water according to the through-holes of the lugs to establish a fixation to the floating dock. However, when the water level is deep, there are some areas on the water surface that are not suitable for piling. The method of positioning piles to achieve fixed-point fixation of the floating wharf is expensive.

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