Floating Dock Plastic Pontoon Factory Introduces The Performance Knowledge Of Floats


Floating Dock Plastic Pontoon Factory introduces the pe […]

Floating Dock Plastic Pontoon Factory introduces the performance knowledge of the float:


1. Safe and stable: The non-slip design on the surface of the engineering buoy prevents people from the common dangers of general wooden facilities.

2. High bearing capacity: 350kg weight per square meter.

3. Service life: 15 years.

4. Multi-purpose: It can be widely used in various fields.

5. Economical: low maintenance and repair costs.

6. Easy installation and disassembly: quick and easy installation and disassembly. 7.

7. Strong resistance: anti-ultraviolet, anti-sea water, anti-freezing, chemical agents, oil stains, etc.

8. Mobility variability: It can be changed according to needs and combined into facilities of any size and structure.

9. Environmental protection materials do not produce toxic chemicals.

10. It can withstand more than 15 years in normal use (no external force, special puncture, cut).

11. The pontoon can be disassembled and reassembled at any time, and the platform used can be changed many times. It is easy to assemble (with tools).

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