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Floating Dock Plastic Pontoon Factory introduces the characteristics of the floating dock:


1. The pontoon terminal material is a new environmentally friendly material produced by high-molecular-weight and high-density synthetic material HMWHDPE (high molecular weight polyethylene), which also adds anti-ultraviolet materials, which has sufficient toughness, hardness, and can withstand the transformation of the natural environment and low-temperature erosion. Very light, high buoyancy, acid and alkali resistance, zero maintenance, flexibility in composition conversion, long life, bright and beautiful colors, anti-corrosion, cold-proof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, green and environmentally friendly, and does not damage the environment. There is no problem with water seepage and water storage, and it is recycled and reused. The product has been widely used at home and abroad.


2. The upper surface of the pontoon body is designed with anti-skid patterns, which are safe and stable. The four corners are all arc-shaped obtuse angles to avoid the common dangers of general cement, wood, and iron facilities, such as slipping, being stabbed by wood chips, and rust nails. Wait.


3. The product has a high bearing capacity, the cylinder is stable and durable, and the buoyancy limit per square meter can reach 320kg (150kg within the safety range).


4. No need to spend, zero maintenance, reasonable cost, and economy for the floating pier on the water. From a long-term point of view, it can save a huge amount of maintenance, maintenance, replacement, and overhaul costs and time.


5. The assembly is simple, fast, flexible, and diverse in shape. The overall modular structure can meet the needs of various landscapes and quickly replace the platform shape. The appearance is beautiful in color and beautiful in shape.


6. A complete set of supporting facilities, such as mooring bolts, bollards, anti-collision balls, protective fences, landing gangways, etc., can reliably moor ships of various sizes, and because of the buoyancy characteristics of floating platforms on water, they can follow the water level Take off and land automatically, and tourists get on and off the ship safely and comfortably.