Floating Dock Manufacturer Introduces What Is A Floating Tank


The pontoon is a key component of the marina, and its q […]

The pontoon is a key component of the marina, and its quality relates to the main technical requirements such as the stability, load-bearing capacity, service life, and environmental protection of the entire cruise terminal.

The outer shell of the pontoon is made of polyethylene resin, and the resin is also added with anti-ultraviolet materials. The surface is painted with strong carbon black anticorrosive paint. The resin material is enough to withstand the impact of waves, natural environmental changes, and low temperature, and will not pollute water quality. Recycle and reuse.

Floating Dock manufacturer introduces the advantages of a floating tank:
1. The longest warranty period in this industry is 10 years;
2. Strong, strong impact resistance;
3. Seamless, durable, anti-seepage structure;
4. Meet the Hunt water absorption test;
5. Resistance to freezing, ultraviolet rays, gasoline, oil, and saltwater;
6. Quick installation, safe and reliable to install on the dock frame.

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