Floating Dock Manufacturer Introduces The Correct Way To Play Sandbags


Boxing, Sanda, and other necessary training content, ju […]

Boxing, Sanda, and other necessary training content, just use a bag with sand and hang it up. Many martial artists have been playing sandbags for many years but cannot improve their level. Many of them don't understand the essentials. Then the following Floating Dock manufacturer will introduce the correct way to play sandbags:


1. There is no awareness of actual combat in the hitting, because the sandbag is dead, and will not move or fight back. You can only think that you can make some changes to the sandbag and hit hard. You can see that exercise is particularly powerful and explosive. The frequency is very high, but when it comes to actual combat, it will not come out, mentally stressed, and can not display the usual practice level and state. So when you practice, imagine that a sandbag is a person, a car, your opponent, you are fighting in actual combat, combine offense, defense, and pace, and hit it with a sense of actual combat.


2. It is not too stiff and the distance is wrong. It is impossible to produce much power when the punches and legs are inconsistent with the following steps. People are alive and powerful in hitting fixed objects, which may not be useful in actual combat. A karate master demonstrated to Bruce Lee by breaking the plank. , Bruce Lee smiled faintly, saying that the personnel will fight back, so in the sandbags, don't use the fixed Jiangsu practice to hit the sandbags, but live a little bit.


3. Do not talk about rhythm. Sandbags are still hitting the rhythm within three minutes. Many people will only fight desperately, and then they will be exhausted in less than 30 seconds, but they think that they have no endurance. Can't breathe, the attack has no purpose, don't understand the change will consume a lot of energy, but the effect is very low. Therefore, in the process of playing sandbags, I should beat them rhythmically. For example, I have one leg at a time and two legs at a time to cushion for a while, but the quality must be very high.

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