Floating Dock Factory Introduces The Function And Performance Of Floating Buoy


Water pontoon is important to water equipment, which ch […]

Water pontoon is important to water equipment, which changes and diversifies in the application process of water sports projects. With the development planning of domestic water pontoon, water sports wharf, water house and yacht wharf in recent years, water pontoon is indispensable for water channel projects. Floating Dock factory introduces the function and performance of floating buoys.

The floating buoy can expand the application area, and it has a strong bearing ability on water, which makes the water channel more convenient and simple, and also expands the area of the water channel. Then, the water channel equipment can not be separated from pontoons, which can be used in all kinds of water docks, yacht docks, and water pontoons. For other houses closer to the shore, it is more convenient and safer to use floating pontoons as bridges than to use rowing boats to dock.


At present, floating pontoons are widely used. For example, floating pontoons can be used in water docks, water channels, and yacht docks. With the appearance of floating pontoons, the construction of water wharves, water channels,s and yacht wharf water channels has become more and more simple. What is the performance of such a widely used floating buoy?

The materials selected for the floating buoy are made of raw materials with corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, so the floating buoy has high corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance at the characteristic level. On the other hand, the floating buoy also has the working ability to bear the weight of 350kg. Because of the outstanding characteristics of floating pontoons, floating pontoons can be widely used in water docks, water channel stations, and yacht docks.

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