Float Pontoon Suppliers Introduces The Training Skills Of Boxing Sandbags


Sandbags are generally divided into two types: light sa […]

Sandbags are generally divided into two types: light sandbags and heavy sandbags. Light sandbags are mostly used to practice boxing and leg combination techniques. Heavy sandbags are suitable for hard training. Friends with suitable conditions are recommended to practice with light and heavy sandbags.


In formal sandbag training, you need to master the basic attack techniques of punches and legs. If you hit the sandbag directly, it is easy to modify the movement and form the wrong hitting method, and it is not easy to improve the level of boxing skills. The following Float Pontoon Suppliers will introduce the training skills of boxing punching bags:


1. When hitting the sandbag, maintain the correct fighting posture (the picture at the end of the article is the master of Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee maintains the fighting posture before hitting the sandbag), first hit the spot with a single punch or leg. For combined hits, friends who have received formal training need to do more footwork moves in coordination with hits, different hits from various angles, etc.


2. You can practice in groups, each group hits for three minutes, with one-minute rest in between.


3. When hitting the sandbag, pay attention to the coordination of breathing and vocalization. Proper breathing can make the practitioner retain their physical strength, and the vocalization can effectively enhance the penetration of the impact.

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