Float Pontoon Supplier Introduces How To Design The Dock Reasonably


The function of the marina is that the boats can only e […]

The function of the marina is that the boats can only enter and berth, so how to design a good marina? Let’s follow the Float Pontoon Supplier to find out.


A good wharf requires the port to be deep enough to cover storms, enough space for ships to enter the port, and a large number of berths. The location of the dock should be chosen as far as possible in a place with convenient land transportation.


A good terminal needs regular maintenance, and when considering surrounding services, reasonable design of reception, security systems, technical support, transportation services, restaurants, and entertainment facilities should be made. Among them, adequate berthing waters and a complete security system are crucial; whether the terminal is equipped with a replenishment station is not so important, because one can usually be found nearby.


Therefore, it is best to compare the infrastructure and facilities of other terminals, and then design a suitable terminal.

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